7 Legit Watch-to-Earn Platforms that Pay you in Cryptocurrencies

One of the easiest ways to make money from blockchain tech is to watch videos online via platforms that reward their users in cryptocurrencies for watching videos online and carrying out some other tasks. If you wish to invest in blockchain businesses but don’t currently have enough capital, then you can invest your time by watching videos online, answering surveys, playing games online, and then earn rewards in different cryptocurrencies. In this article, you will learn some trusted online platforms and apps where you can watch videos, carry out some other tasks and get paid in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

how to make money by watching videos, playing games, taking surveys online - no investment

Websites/Apps to Get Paid in Cryptocurrencies for Watching Videos Online

Here are some of the recommended websites and apps that reward you with cryptocurrencies for watching online videos via their platforms – investment not required.

Odysee (LBC) – odysee.com

odysee.com - lbry platform: top video resource platform that rewards both watchers and creators with cryptocurrency

Odysee is a decentralized educational and content resource platform where creators can post their videos for rewards. When online users watch these videos, both the creators and the watchers are rewarded with the platform’s cryptocurrency – LBC (LBRY Credits). The watchers are rewarded for watching and interacting with the videos, while the creators are rewarded as an encouragement to keep releasing and publishing engaging and educational videos on the platform.

Some of the categories of videos you will find at Odysee include: Gaming, Music, Tech, Finance 2.0, Comedy, Pop Culture, Education, Comedy, Artists, News & Politics, Lifestyle, Universe, Rabbit Hole, etc.

You can learn more about Odysee from this YouTube tutorial video: 4 Easy Ways of Making Money on Odysee & LBRY Platform – Free Crypto for All.

Permission.io (ASK)

permission.io: web3 advertising platform that connects brands and consumers through crypto rewards

Permission is a web3 advertising platform that connects brands and consumers via crypto rewards. As an online user, you can earn cryptocurrency – Permission Coin (ASK), when you opt-in to receive and interact with video ads from your favourite brands.

First, you need to install Permission.io Chrome browser extension which helps you to earn ASK token as you surf the web. Once you have installed the Chrome browser extension and use Google search engine to search something online, you will be notified once a relevant video ad appears, you will receive a notification via the browser extension to watch and interact with the video ad. Once you do so, you will be rewarded with some ASK tokens.

Also, once you sign up with your email address, you will be rewarded with 100 ASK tokens as a welcome bonus.

Here is a video on How to Earn Crypto while you Browse the Internet with Permission.io Browser Extension.


PlayNano (XNO) – playnano.online

playnano.online: earn crypto by watching videos, playing games and betting online

PlayNANO is a decentralized blockchain project which aims to eliminate middlemen and charges when making payments. The native token of the project is Nano (XNO).

You can earn XNO token by watching videos (watch & learn), using faucets, via their affiliate program, or by completing other tasks. Also, you can play online games and get your rewards instantly via PlayNANO platform. Some of the games you can play to earn XNO token include: Jumper, Minecraft, etc.

Another super use case of XNO token is that you can use it to place instant bets online on (via Roulette and NanoSquares), and earn pay-out instantly. Some other ways to spend your XNO token rewards is via gift cards, digital prizes, game keys, etc.

You can learn more about PlayNANO with this YouTube tutorial video: PlayNano Airdrop – Get free NANO – Instant reward – Withdrawable – Tradable on Binance.

BitTube (TUBE) – bittube.app

bittube.app: earn rewards for surfing the web and as a content creator

BitTube aspires to become blockchain-powered, decentralized YouTube alternative. Content creators create and publish their videos via this platform, free from censorship.

Through the BitTube AirTime, Donations, Adblocker, Wallet Browser Extension, you are rewarded for your active time online with the native token of the platform – TUBE. As an online user, you are rewarded for surfing the web.

Another interesting feature of BitTube is BitTube.video (BitTube TV), which is monetized via Airtime module. Each user earns while others interact and engage with his project. Online users can also tip content creators who they enjoy their contents via their wallet. A wallet address is automatically generated for you once you sign up with BitTube.

You can also link to your web2 social media profiles to monetize your contents there, and your earnings can be easily converted to fiat currencies.

You can check out this YouTube video on How to Create and Verify a BitTube Account.

Cointiply – cointiply.com

cointiply.com: earn bitcoin and other coins by watching videos, playing games, filling surveys online

Cointiply is an online platform that rewards you with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies when you complete some assigned tasks on the platform. There are many ways you can earn money from Cointiply. Some of them include: watching videos, taking online surveys, playing games, referral program, chatting, and by completing many other featured offers.

Upon completion of each of these tasks, you will earn BTC and many other cryptocurrencies like DOGE, LTC, DASH, etc. Making money on Cointiply is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You need to be consistent and carry out featured tasks and offers, so that you keep earning continuously.

Check out this YouTube tutorial video: Earn Free Crypto Legit App – How to Earn Bitcoin by Playing Games | Earn Free Crypto from Cointiply.

Some Promising Watch-to-Earn Blockchain Projects

  • XCAD Network (XCAD) – xcadnetwork.com: The first watch to earn blockchain project for YouTube users hosted on Ziliqa blockchain. You get paid for watching YouTube tokenized videos via XCAD browser extension.
  • MContent (MCONTENT) – mcontent.net: The first blockchain-based digital content marketplace for content creators and media artists who need sponsorship.

You can learn about these projects from this article: Best Watch to Earn (W2E) Crypto Projects with Massive Potentials.

What is the Best Time to Invest in these Watch-to-Earn Platforms?

The best time to invest your time in these watch-to-earn platform is during bear seasons, when the prices of crypto coins have fallen. Just keep stacking these tokens until bull season when their prices will skyrocket. You can earn up to 50‎X to 100‎X ROI from these coins.

NOTE: The prices of cryptocurrencies are very volatile. You should be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrencies. This article is not a financial advice to invest in any crypto project. It is just for educational purpose only.



These are some of the legit and trusted online platforms where you can make money by watching videos and performing some other tasks like playing games, taking surveys, referring your friends, etc. Platforms like BitTube tend to favour online creators more. While platforms like Odysee, Cointiply, PlayNano and Permission.io favour any online user looking for where to earn cryptocurrencies for free, without any investment.

These are not the only watch-to-earn crypto projects. Research on others, and let us know in the comment section below.

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