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35+ Best Blockchain Move-to-Earn Games & How to Play them

Move to earn is one of the latest trends in blockchain technology for making money. Move-to-Earn games are actually one of the categories of blockchain games. Here, you are rewarded for doing what you love doing. It could be sports; you are rewarded for moving your body, running, dancing,... Read more »
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How to Download and Use Step Move-to-Earn Web3 App

Step is a move-to-earn project that gives users daily for walking (walk-to-earn). It was launched in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The app tracks your workouts and then rewards you in cryptocurrency. You can connect your BSC compatible private wallet. With the app you can challenge your friends and... Read more »
how to earn money from step app fitfi move2earn project

How to Use Step App (FitFi) Move-to-Earn Web3 App

Step App is the development protocol for Fitness Finance (FitFi) launched in Avalanche blockchain. Fitness Finance is the market economy where participants earn a part of the revenue generated by the fitness industry. Web3 and blockchain made it possible for people to earn from the market they take part... Read more »