guide on how to place oco and trailing stop loss orders on spot trading

Stop Loss Orders Guide: How to Set them on Binance App

Stop loss is one of the features (risk management tools) introduced in the buy/sell page of some centralized exchanges to help limit traders’ loss in crypto trading. Some traders don’t like setting stop loss for some reasons which we will discuss later in this article. Inasmuch as stop loss... Read more »
bitcoin price action and price history from 2009 till date

Bitcoin Price Action and History from 2009

Bitcoin is the first blockchain project, and its coin is BTC. Other blockchains directly or indirectly depend on the Bitcoin blockchain or its price action. As a crypto trader, you need to at least know the price action or price history of BTC. The knowledge of the price action... Read more »
how to analyze cryptocurrency before investing

How to Spot Crypto Projects with Powerful Potentials

One of the key secrets of making huge profit in crypto trading is spotting and investing in crypto projects which have powerful potentials. When you discover these projects and invest in them at the early stage, you make huge gain when the project becomes very popular and successful. You... Read more »
all about ethereum blockchain network and its potential

All About Ethereum and Its Future: Complete Guide

Ethereum network helped to increase the versatility of blockchain technology. Though Ethereum is not the first blockchain network, but it has the highest use cases. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) became a reality through the Ethereum blockchain network. Ethereum has also brought about a lot of improvement in blockchain technology and... Read more »
all about defi - complete beginner guide

Complete DeFi Guide for Beginners

DeFi added immense values to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the global finance. It provided many ways for crypto users to earn passive income from any part of the world. It also provided an easy ways for people to get loans even without having any physical collateral as demanded by... Read more »
nft beginner guide - how to make money with nfts

Complete NFT Guide for Beginners

NFTs have improved the way digital assets are valued. Artists and celebrities can now easily monetize their arts and works online. All they need to do is to create NFT which represent the real-world asset and then offer it for sale in NFT marketplaces. You will learn all about... Read more »
cryptocurrency staking beginners guide -

Cryptocurrency Staking (PoS) Guide for Beginners

Staking is one of the major ways to earn passive income in the cryptosphere made possible by DeFi (Decentralized Finance). In this section, we will cover everything you need to know about staking, types of staking, benefits and risk of staking, how to stake your coins on various exchanges... Read more »
buzzing point free crypto btc trading profit and loss calculator app

Free Crypto Trading Profit/Loss Calculator App by Buzzing Point

Here is a free trading calculator app by for calculating your crypto trading profit and loss in BTC and USDT trading pairs. With this calculator, you can estimate your take profit level or even the maximum loss tolerance for any trade even before you invest your capital. This... Read more »