top best decentralized blockchain based social media projects

20 Best Blockchain-Based Social Media Platforms (SocialFi)

We saw many new trends in the blockchain space of recent, especially in 2021 and 2022, although some of them have been around for some years back. SocialFi is one these popular trends in the cryptosphere that was made possible by web3. Many SocialFi platforms are already gaining popularity... Read more »
how to make money with bizverse world socialfi build to earn app

How to Setup and Use Bizverse Social Web3 VR App

Bizverse is a web3 virtual reality world, a digital replica of the real world of human society. Here, the users live, work and participate in various activities such as: business, entertainment, trade events, exhibitions, conferences, shopping at virtual malls, etc. The project also includes a social networking platform and... Read more »