best play to earn blockchain games for android, pc, mac and ios

30+ Best Blockchain Play-to-Earn Games & How to Play them

With the evolution of web3 in the blockchain technology, you can now earn passive income by playing free blockchain games. You no longer have to waste your time, playing only for fun. You can now play and earn rewards in form of cryptocurrencies, exclusive NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Here are... Read more »
how to play star atlas blockchain game and make money

How to Setup and Play Star Atlas Play-to-Earn Game

Star Atlas is a grand strategy, space exploration and space flight simulation and role-playing game (RPG), powered by Solana blockchain network. Players are rewarded with the in-game token (POLIS) and NFTs for embarking on challenging and lonely journeys to accumulate resources they will use to win their opponents in... Read more »
how to play exeedme blockchain game and make money

How to Setup and Play ExeedMe Play-to-Earn Game

Exeedme is a play-to-earn game that creates a bridge between web2 games and web3 games, powered by Polkadot blockchain network. The games has helped content creators, gamers, teams and organizers to be part of the trending gaming economy. You will learn how to download, setup and play ExeedMe blockchain... Read more »

How to Setup and Play Illuvium Play-to-Earn Game

Illuvium is a very interesting open-world exploration, auto-battler, NFT creature collector and first blockchain-based AAA game. The game offers high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay and is powered by Ethereum and integrated with the hyper-scalable ImmutableX layer-two solution. There are over 100 illuvials in the game. Your task in the... Read more »
how to play survival game online blockchain card game and make money

How to Play Survival Game Online (SURV) Play-to-Earn Game

Survival game online is a web3 game that incorporates the following core earning mechanisms: Participate-to-Earn, Play-to-Earn, Staking, DAO, NFT Honour System, NFT Store and Characters. The core products of the ecosystem include: Survival game, Battle mechanism, Betting platform, UGC and map editor. Survival Game is a series game powered... Read more »
how to play revv motorsport blockchain game and make money

How to Setup & Play REVV Motorsport Play-to-Earn Game

Revv Motorsport gaming economy is one of the reputable names when it comes to car racing, play-to-earn, blockchain games, developed by Animoca Brands.  Some of their popular games include: Formula E – High Voltage, REVV Racing, MotoGP™ Ignition, etc. As a player, you can challenge other players on REVV... Read more »
how to play my neighbor alice blockchain game and make money

How to Download & Play My Neighbor Alice Play-to-Earn Game

My Neighbor Alice is a very engaging, multi-player, farm and builder, blockchain play-to-earn game, where anyone can own a virtual island. You can also collect and trade NFTs, and build various projects, and also meet new friends in the ecosystem. The native token of My Neighbor Alice game is... Read more »
how to play defi kingdoms blockchain card game and make money

How to Setup & Play DeFi Kingdoms Play-to-Earn Game

DeFi Kingdoms is a unique blockchain-based, play-to-earn DeFi game designed with useable NFTs. The game is powered by the Harmony blockchain for top security, speed and very low trading fees. You are rewarded with the JEWEL token and NFTs for participating in the game. The native token of DeFi... Read more »
how to play faraland blockchain nft game and make money

How to Download, Setup & Play Faraland Play-to-Earn Game

Faraland is one of the popular role-playing, play to earn blockchain war games where you explore the Faraland metaverse and also compete with other players to earn rewards. The players control the characters of 7 races: Humans, Elves, Fairies, Orcs, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons. Each of these races has... Read more »
how to play alien worlds blockchain game and make money

How to Download, Setup & Play Alien Worlds Play-to-Earn Game

Alien Worlds is one of the popular blockchain, play to earn games where you as a user/player act as a space explorer. You utilize the various available mining tools to mine the in-game token, Trilium (TLM), go on missions across the Alien Worlds metaverse, lease your space crafts, and... Read more »